"My experience with Dr. Mossad was my first true therapy experience and I must say she has set an extraordinarily high standard. In my six months of counseling I came to understand not only those around me, but myself at a much higher level. She has eased me through multiple major life transitions and helped to provide an incredible foundation for the rest of my future. I could not adequately express my gratitude enough!" - Chandler L.

"I would recommend Dr. Mossad to anyone. She helped peel back my layers of guilt, shame, anger, and helped me define and understand my feelings. There is a great aura about her. Easy to speak with and I always feel good when I leave. For me, I would drive two hours to go see her if I had to. I received an A+ services always. It is a private practice, so no large full waiting rooms or long waits. I know it takes a lot of research to find a provider that fits your needs. She was a great fit for my many issues." - Hinkel, Houston TX

"Dr. Mona Mossad is an amazing professional who always puts her patients first. Dr. Mossad lead me to a better life by introducing me to, and training me into the subject of BOUNDARIES. Today I lead a much more satisfying life with healthy boundaries. Dr. Mossad is a great listener is very articulate when leading Into overcoming my struggles. Dr. Mossad is always there for me when I need her, she is patient, caring, supportive and firm. I recommend Dr. Mossad to family and friends. Those who sought her help shared with me a very positive feed back. I am so grateful for Dr. Mona Mossad." - Hala, Cleveland OH

"I am a client of Dr. Mossad. equipped to face live's challenging changes_ I no longer feel like I am drowning with no rescue in sight. Dr. Mossad's calming resolute tone has helped me process through tangled /unresolved issues, identify and work through sources of conflict. KEYS FOR BETTER LIFE is KEY to mental and emotional INSIGHT for myself and others. Gods truth is Dr. Mossad's anchor. Can't imagine where my family and I would be if not for KEYS FOR BETTER LIFE! Thank you Dr. Mossad."

I will try to remember. Dr. Mossad saved my life. My self esteem was low but after 2 panic attacks and the medical doctors could find nothing wrong I knew I needed help. Thank goodness I found Dr Mossad. She is so knowledgeable but the best feeling I had was I felt safe. Perhaps one day we will take care of ourselves psychologically as well as physically. I have recommended friends and family to Dr Mossad. I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with life

In the beginning I was really reluctant to initiate a session with Dr. Mossad. I didn't want to be "one of those people" who had reached the point of having to meet with a counselor. But the thing is, it's ok to reach out for help. If you don't have a support group you can start by adding Dr. Mossad to that list. She is a great listener and really helps you place things into perspective and get back on track with rational thinking. She is respectful and well equipped with knowledge and understanding, and if you are a person of faith she will definitely incorporate that into your sessions as well. I now take it as a blessing, having had Dr. Mossad as a counselor. Lots of prayer and her counseling sessions helped me kick this "thing" in the butt. - R.C.

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