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Depression Treatment

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Depression invades the lives of many clients due to stress not handled well or unexpressed anger or grief not processed or lack of self-esteem boundaries and assertion. This should not be viewed as a terminal condition but be processed with hope.

As your helper we will work together to increase your ability to be more inquisitive and introduce more ways to be able to challenge the ways of responding to problems. Expanding your support system to avoid isolation together with mastering self-care and having a structure for your day all will decrease symptoms of depression. Developing unused ad underused resources and opportunities more fully. Being aware of the indicators of depression and knowing that anger can be uncovered and choices can be made. In a compassionate nonjudgmental confidential setting will explore each client uniqueness and value.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I will change the victim mentality into a victor existence. Exploring past or present abuse together with allowing enough time to process grief. I will help you understand how your personality can predispose you to depression and what changes need to be made to have different outcomes.

As a medical doctor, knowing the science behind depression excluding organic causes like hypothyroidism or vi.t D deficiency is important or we will be treating the symptoms without treating the cause.

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