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Stress Management

Stress can be managed through changing toxic thought patterns such as holding yourself to a standard of absolute perfection which is unrealistic leading to your frustration and increasing your level of stress. According to your personality, needs and schedule I will personalize a specific self-care plan to nurture and nourish your body as well as your mind using exercise, rest, good nutrition, and recreation.
Together, we will work on cultivating your self-worth that is not primarily dependent upon success, achievement or the opinion of others.

Exploring the idea and tools of how to accept imperfection, failures and mistakes in self and others without excessive anxiety. Also, welcoming feelings both good and unpleasant and learning to cope with the bad ones. I will help you develop a good supportive system which can help reduce stress immensely.

Practicing wellness concepts and compassion towards yourself will help you be able to achieve a better balance in your life and be emotionally open and connected with others.

All too often, people feel it is a sign of weakness to seek help when they are over-stressed. On the contrary, it shows strength and courage to realize that help is needed and know where to get it from.
I will coach you on dealing with uncertainty which can make a time of change and stress a very positive experience.

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