Couples Counseling

Do you find yourself arguing a lot with your partner?

Do you experience a lack of communication?

Experiencing anger towards your partner?

Decided to separate from your partner?

Involved in multiple relationship at the same time?

Physical or verbal abuse in your relationship with your partner>

Problems with intimacy inside and outside the bedroom? Sexual or emotional

Having a history of repeated broken relationships due to inability to problem-solve, choosing abusive or dysfunctional partners, or difficulty in maintaining a trust in your relationship?


  • Dealing with the loss of the relationship
  • Teaching effective communication skills
  • Discussing and highlighting the characteristic of dysfunctional versus dysfunctional family dynamic.
  • Human sexuality and how to achieve satisfying sexual intimacy
  • Help you identify your part or your responsibility I the conflict
  • Working on positive self-image after acceptance of the rejection felt in case of a broken relationship.


  • Assessment of the problem from both perspectives
  • Identify the positive aspects of the relationship
  • Identify the problem and each partners role in the conflict
  • Making a commitment to change certain things that have been acknowledged by self or the partner.
  • Keeping the positive to Negative criteria list 5:1
  • Educating them about conflict resolution and problem solving.
  • Choosing a time-out signal to interrupt and stop escalation of arguments before reaching difficult stages of abuse whether physical or verbal.
  • Explore assumptions, expectations and negotiation and compromise
  • Investing in activities that are enjoyable to both partners.
  • Encouraging Verbal and physical affection to each other.
  • Determining hoe substance abuse is affecting the relationship.
  • How to overcome infidelity.
  • Train people to choose independent options to be able to lead a healthy life after the breakup and the loss of the relationship.

Divorce Proofing

Far too many marriages end in divorce. Divorce proofing is making the marital relationship healthy and secure. It requires a commitment and an investment to put meaningful work into one’s marriage before the development of a serious problem. Even if there is problems, working on it can bring it back to a healthy place.

Divorce- proofing involves Talking and creating a dream for your marriage

Make deposits into your love bank

Building strong characters, knowing each other’s love language

Be invested in the relationship, be God-centered, accept and surround yourselves with positive influences.

Couples Therapy Handouts

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