Self-Talk and Its Effect on Our Emotional Health

Much of what a person feels is caused by what they say to themselves. People who talk to themselves all day long with little awareness for it. This is because self-talk is automatic and carried out repeatedly. However, people generally have some idea for the type of self-talk they use once exploring the subject of the self-talk begins.

When people are not sure why something is the way it is they often start looking outside themselves for the source of unhappiness or other form of emotional distress. While there is likely some contribution from their circumstances, it is really their thoughts and interpretation about the situation that causes the associated feelings. It is likely that if they do engage in negative talk that they have been doing it for a long time probably since they were young.

As an adult, all the negative talk is seen as perfectionism, chronic worrying, always being a victim, self-critical, low self-esteem, phobias, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, and depression.

The realization that you are responsible for how you feel is empowering. When you take responsibility for your reactions you begin to take charge and have mastery over your life Once you become aware of the distortion in your thinking, you will be able to change negative thoughts to positive ones.

Accomplishing that is one of the most important steps to living a happier, more effective and emotionally distressing free life.

Even silently spoke words have great influence. It matters how you use them.

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